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Sea life

6 Deadliest Deep Sea Predators: and How They Catch Their Prey


If you’re thinking about coming to our Predators event this half term, you’ll be relieved to know that the sharks, caimans and piranhas we have on show are safely behind glass. However, should you ever find yourself swimming in the sea, or splashing around in a river somewhere exotic, just remember you could be seconds […]

Shark Week at Blue Planet Aqaurium


Its Shark Week and we’re celebrating by telling you all about our sharks. First up We have Wilma She’s the grandma of the Aquarium and lets all the others know by keeping them in check. Sand Tigers are unique in the shark world because they are the only species of shark to gulp air to […]

The 10 Deadliest Creatures You’ll Find in the Ocean


More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the majority of this comes from our oceans and seas. In fact, the Pacific Ocean takes up more than a third of the planet’s surface. There are more than a million different species of creatures that call the ocean their home, whilst scientists […]

What’s Waiting Under the Sea…?


Halloween may be all about ghosts, ghouls and other supernatural beings, but did you know that some of the scariest, creepiest and weirdest (real) creatures can be found below the surface of our oceans and rivers? From vampire fish with six inch teeth to electric eels that deliver fatal electric shocks to their prey, we’ve […]

Turtles Myth about its Slowness

Turtles Myth about its Slowness


Why turtles are slow myth are making the round today. Many do not know why, but they have cooked up stories about these poor animals, just like they have woven so much mystery around the tortoise in much eye-popping folklore, making you wonder if such an animal could have committed all the atrocities leveled against […]

Starfish Sleep, when, how and where.

Starfish sleep, when and where.


Do starfish sleep? And if they do, where do starfish sleep? The easiest answer for this is no. They do not sleep. The long answer depends on the species of starfish you are looking at. There are different body types of starfish, each with a unique behavioral mechanism and life history. Take the class Asteroidea, […]

Helpful Facts to Satisfy Your Octopus Curiosities


Octopus does not live on land. As a result, you might never have seen a live one before, and you may never be able to see a live one all through your sweet life on earth. The fact that the octopus is not a terrestrial animal further contributes to the ignorance many people express about […]