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“Freddie” the Queen Triggerfish arrives at Blue Planet Aquarium

 Little Fish – Big pond!

Freddie the Queen Triggerfish getting a sand shower

It’s an exciting time here at Blue Planet Aquarium! This week we have had the arrival of a very mischievous and beautiful Queen Triggerfish! This guy used to live in a much smaller tank, where he was one of the bigger fish in a small tank, The Krakatoa Exhibit in our sister aquarium Deep Sea World.
He ended up being quite the mischievous fellow and a bully to some of his tank mates. Especially the Batfish whom he didn’t like at all.

A New Home for a Queen Triggerfish

Freddie has now moved house to our larger Ocean Exhibit. This is the largest tank we have here at Blue Planet Aquarium. Home to many of our largest species including Sand Tiger Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Blacktip reef sharks.

Before being released into the tank he spent a short time in our quarantine tanks to ensure he was safe and healthy after the move.

The first thing Freddie did in his new home was head over to the Aquatheatre window. This is where all the action takes place. It is where our Southern Atlantic Stingrays are fed during our Diver Presentation. Immediately making his presence known to his new neighbours.

Staking His Claim

Queen Triggerfish are known to be rather territorial. Seemingly he wanted to get himself a piece of prime real estate in our Ocean Exhibit!
So when you are standing in front of our Aquatheatre window, take a look to your left. You might just see this plucky fellow standing guard over his new home!

Queen Triggerfish

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