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Which Sea Creature Are You?

Obsessed with all the different sea creatures floating around across the world? We get it – sometimes we prefer them to people! From pufferfish to piranhas, they all have their own distinct personalities and quirks. And if you’re fascinated by how we compare to them, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a quiz that lets participants find out which sea creature they’re most like, considering some of the biggest parts of their personalities.

Ready to delve into our findings and find out which popular sea creatures at Blue Planet Aquarium have the most relatable personalities? Dip into our research below and find out – you can even take our quiz for yourself at the end!

Our Method

We created a fun quiz filled with questions to find out more about your behaviour and personality traits. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, idle or determined, creative or athletic, your answers will pair you up with the sea creature you’re most like personality-wise.

We then took the answers our participants gave and collected them to give us our results. It’s that simple!

Overview of the different personalities

From gentle stingrays to energetic clownfish, discover each of the distinct personalities of some of the wonderful sea creatures below.

Giant Pacific Octopus

Much like the giant Pacific octopus, you’re a little on the shy side, and consider yourself an introvert. You prefer the night time to mornings, and sometimes only leave the comfort of your home if it involves food! You like to blend into the crowd (some may say you even ‘camouflage’ yourself), and you’re super-intelligent and great at problem-solving.


Similar to the stingray, you’re a gentle being who avoids confrontation and are pretty laid back. You can be social but also like having time to yourself, and it’s safe to say you’re not a morning person.


Much like the Moray Eel, you’re an introvert and consider yourself shy. However, when it comes to working, you’re a team player and work really well with others. You’re not confrontational and you have a unique sense of style.


Just like the clownfish, you’re energetic, confident and have a great imagination. You’re sociable and pride yourself on having a unique style. You are good at problem-solving and thrive in the daytime.


Much like a pufferfish, you aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself and like to portray yourself as a tough cookie. You prefer to be alone rather than socialise and are more of a night owl than a morning person. Although some may say you’re a little unpredictable, one thing’s for sure, you’re a true romantic!


You’re a super social being, just like the red bellied piranha! Despite being a little shy, you love to be around other people – you even like to share your food. You have a unique style and prefer day to night – probably so people can see your fun outfits!

Sand Tiger Shark

Despite what people may think, you are a relaxed and gentle person who’s a little bit shy. You’re athletic and don’t care much for your appearance. You prefer night over day and love a midnight snack. One thing you like to do is travel!

Key findings

So, what were the main findings of our quiz? Are more people similar to eels or clownfish? Or is the giant Pacific octopus the more common personality? Dive into our results below!

Sea Creature Results

First up, almost 1 in 3 (32%) participants’ personalities matched up with the ‘Giant Pacific Octopus’. These people are typically a little on the shy side, prefer night over day, like blending into a crown and are great problem-solvers!

Meanwhile, just under 30% of personalities matched with a ‘Stingray’. Anybody that matches up with this sea creature is a gentle soul who generally avoids confrontation, enjoys being social but also likes time to themselves. Just like the ‘Giant Pacific Octopus’ personality, they’re also night owls.

Just over 1 in 10 participants matched with the personality of an ‘Eel’. The eel personality is more introverted and shy, but that doesn’t stop them from getting stuck into some teamwork. Their sense of style is usually unique, too!

Following closely, slightly less than 1 in 10 of our participants were most similar to our ‘Clownfish’ personality type. The complete opposite of most of our other creatures, these are energetic, confident, social and early risers.

‘Pufferfish’ relate to 6.70% of our quizzers. These creatures aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves, prefer solitude to social settings and are true romantics. They’re also big fans of the night time.

Our second to last most matched personality was the ‘Piranha’, which over 6% of participants were similar to. While these are on the shy side, they also love hanging around with others, have a unique sense of style and prefer working at night time.

The least commonly matched personality was the ‘Sand Tiger Shark’, with only 3.70% of participants being most like these relaxed and gentle creatures. They have a more athletic nature, don’t really care about their appearance and prefer staying up late over waking up early.

Key Personality Traits

Getting into the nitty-gritty, we’ve collected the results on the most common traits of our quiz takers. We have to say – the results are very interesting.

When completing tasks, nearly 4/10 (37.90%) quiz takers would describe themselves as being efficient. Meanwhile, almost a quarter of the participants (24.10%) would say they’re more determined.

A massive 44.40% of participants revealed that they are more of an introvert, and just over 1 in 10 (10.10%) said that they are more extroverted. 45.50% said they are ‘in between’. 

The majority of participants said that their style is to blend into the crowd (39.10%) – this could be because many of our participants describe themselves as introverted. Nearly 3 in 10 people claim that they like to have a unique sense of style (29.20%). 

It was a close call on the question about which time of day the participants prefer! 46.40% of quiz takers claim to be an early bird, compared to the 53.60% who say they are night owls. So, we’ve got more night time people on our hands here.

The majority of quiz takers said they are both social and unsocial (41.80%), while 8/10 participants don’t describe themself as confrontational (82.10%). We’re not surprised considering how few people are more social.

When it came to the best trait, it was much more of a mixed bag. 4/10 said their best trait was their intelligence (40.20%), while 29% would say that their creativity was one of their best traits. Meanwhile, a good majority said their best trait was how fun they are (28.30%).

Key Trait Comparisons

So how do the key traits compare among the quizzers? The key stats are swimming around below…

  • Only 3.20% of people said they ‘like to look tough’ when describing their style. However, only 43% of these people who ‘like to look tough’ admitted to being confrontational, whereas the other 57% said they were not.
  • Creative individuals appear to be night time people (55%) over morning people (45%), which could be because their best creative ideas come at night time.
  • Out of everyone who ‘likes to blend into the crowd’, almost half (49%) said that they are introverted, 46% say they are ‘in between being an introvert and extrovert’ and only 5% would class themself as extroverted.
  • 4 in 10 people (40%) who chose their best trait as being ‘fun’ also stated that they are social. 
  • 14% of people with a ‘unique style’ are extroverts, 38% are introverted and the majority with 48% are in between. 
  • 73% of the people whose best traits involve being athletic are more of a morning person. Could this be because they include a morning workout each day to spark their productivity? We think so!

Take our Quiz

Want to know which sea creature’s personality matches yours best? Take our quiz and find out for yourself!

If all this talk about Eels and Stingrays has you itching to see some incredible sea creatures, then why not plan your next visit to Blue Planet Aquarium? We’re ready when you are!

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