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Half Term at Blue Planet Aquarium: What You Can Expect from Your Visit

It’s back again! Half term has arrived and here at Blue Planet Aquarium, we have some fin-tastic activities to sink your teeth into.

It’s love at first bite this February because our ocean-cool Shark Squad can’t wait to meet you. Grab the family and come for an unforgettable underwater walk through one of Europe’s largest shark tunnels.

You’ll have the chance to meet the hippest squad in town: Sarge the nurse shark, Finn the blacktip reef shark, and Sandy the sand tiger shark. What more could you want?

You don’t just have to meet them: you also have the chance to swim with them! Nothing can beat a half-term spent swimming with the Shark Squad!
That’s not all that’s happening this half term, either. Spend the holidays having a splash of a time with starfish, and even treat yourself to a trip to the theatre – our Aquatheatre, that is! It doesn’t stop there; take a look at our fun and educational talks and feeds – which take place daily:
Nursery Talk
Crustacean Feed
Starfish Talk
Rockpool Talk
Ray Feed
Aquatheatre Show
Flooded Forest Talk
Daily Feeds

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those flippers, even out those goggles, and get your half term off to a swimmingly fun start! If you’re diving on by, don’t forget to let us know on Facebook or on Twitter @BluePlanetUK.

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