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Birthday Parties at Blue Planet

4 years old balloon at the aquarium

What to expect from birthday parties at Blue Planet

Birthday parties at Blue Planet really make a splash! Have up-close encounters with animals that you wouldn’t regularly meet (unless you’re an annual pass holder!) in a unique setting. We’ll break it down for you step by step!

Arrival at the aquarium

When you arrive a dedicated member of our Guest Experience team will meet you. They will help you get your group together as they arrive. If you haven’t already sent it ahead, they’ll take the kid’s food order and your cake (if you have one) and place it safely in The Nautilus Kitchen.

Birthday Parties on tour!

Once you’re all gathered. Your Guest Experience team member will take you on a guided tour of the aquarium. They’ll provide you with insight and you’ll learn about the animals on your way around. They can answer any questions your party-goers might have!

Your chance to feed the fish!

As part of your Birthday party package, the birthday child will receive food to feed some of the fish in the aquarium, depending on the day either the Cichlids of Lake Malawi or the Mullets in Rock Pools!

Aquatheatre time

Take a seat in front of our huge Aquatheatre window and prepare yourself for the show! One of our Guest Experience team members will teach you all about the ins and outs of our divers, their gear, the Sharks, the Stingrays, and other fish. Then they’ll step back to let you watch as the dive team target feed the huge Stingrays and scatter feed the giant shoal of colourful fish in our Ocean Exhibit.

Explore our 71m Shark Tunnel

Step onto our moving walkway and experience the 71-metre long underwater tunnel through the Ocean Exhibit. You’ll come face to face with giant Sand Tiger Sharks, cheeky Nurse Sharks, massive Stingrays, swift Blacktip Reef Sharks, spotted Zebra Sharks and a huge range of colourful and wonderful fish!

Time to party

After your guided tour, you’ll be led to your area in The Nautilus Kitchen. Take a seat at your table, right in front of the windows into our Reef Exhibit, home of Sharks and Stingrays. There, food will be served, parents can grab a coffee and we can light the candles and bring out your cake! (If you have one). When you’re done, you’re free to explore the aquarium, play on the outdoor playground or as most do, explore the Shark Tunnel again!

An annual pass for the birthday child!

As our gift from Blue Planet for arranging your birthday party with us. We give the birthday child an annual pass! Letting them visit the aquarium for free 364 days of the next year! (We close on Christmas Day).

The details

Birthday parties are £15.50 per child, they come with one free adult. Any other adults that wish to enter the aquarium for the party will be charged £15.50. Seating is provided for parents waiting to pick up their children. Only kids will be provided food as part of the cost. Full terms and conditions are available.

All prices are subject to change and up to date information can be found on our Birthday Parties page.

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