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Favourite Picks!

We love our animals at Blue Planet Aquarium, but even though we don’t want to admit it, we all have our favourites!

Our hard-working staff members would love to share their most loved animals with you!

Phil Verbinnen, General Manager says…

‘My favourite animal in the aquarium is our Port Jackson sharks. Why… Like me, they are relatively new to Blue Planet Aquarium and as such were the first species that I’ve seen arrive at Blue Planet Aquarium all the way through their quarantine and on to display in the reef section of our main tank. Whilst in quarantine, they were super interactive, and it’s great now seeing them on display interacting with our junior divers’

Our Port Jackson Sharks can found in our Ocean Exhibit!

Steff Cook, Guest Experience, Conservation & Education Manager says…

‘Mine is Marty our Zebra Shark. Zebra sharks always look like they are smiling! They remind me of puppies or cats, playful with the divers and love attention!

Their barbells at the end of their nose look similar to whiskers too, which help them in detecting prey. Plus, who doesn’t love a leopard print pattern!’

Marty can be found in our Ocean Exhibit!

Andrew Hopwood, Deputy & Retail Manager says…

‘A Chameleon to be precise – I like to believe we are both very similar.

We take things nice and steady. We watch from a distance and make relevant judgements and the best attribute being we can adapt to the environment we find ourselves!’

This sneaky Chameleon can be found at our Frog Zone Area!

Mike Cullimore, Catering Manager says…

‘My favourite fish id the Picasso Trigger Fish. It’s flamboyant, it can make a grunting sound when it feels threatened and it often has a fun and interesting personality.’

These beautiful fish can be found at our Coral Cave Exhibit!

Dave O’Hare, Curator & Zoological LSS Coordinator says…

‘My favourite animal would be my namesake, Dave, our best-looking Sand Tiger shark! It was a career highlight, successfully introducing Dave to our group of Sand Tigers.’

Dave can be found in our Ocean Exhibit!

We are dedicated to keeping our animals as happy and as healthy as they can be. We hope you enjoyed discovering what some of our staff favourite animals are!

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