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Shark Week at Blue Planet Aqaurium

Its Shark Week and we’re celebrating by telling you all about our sharks. First up We have Wilma She’s the grandma of the Aquarium and lets all the others know by keeping them in check. Sand Tigers are unique in the shark world because they are the only species of shark to gulp air to keep buoyant. Come and see if you can spot Wilma gulping air.

 Next up we have Betty She is still a baby (you can tell by the spots running down her tail) even though she’s young she is our largest Shark she ginourmus. Sand Tigers dont have to swim to breathe actually there is only about 12 species which do. These are called obligate ram ventilators. Sand Tigers can switch between Ram ventilation (needing to swim) and buccal pumping (where they suck the water in). Come and see if you can spot the difference.

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