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The 10 things you need to ask your kids at the aquarium

There’s always something new to see at Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire. From Europe’s largest collection of sharks to our flooded forest, you won’t be stuck for things to be amazed by. But if you’re looking to keep those bright minds sharp, we’ve put together ten essential questions to keep them on their toes… or fins!

1. How many films or TV shows have sea creatures or fish in?

How to sound like a genius: Your list could include Blue Planet (of course!), The Little Mermaid, Shark Tale, Spongebob, Finding Nemo/Dory, Octonauts, Ponyo, Free Willy, Moana, Happy Feet, Atlantis, Pirates of the Caribbean… and more!

2. Can you find a fish, animal or coral for every colour of the rainbow?

Tick them off as you go: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink!
How to sound like a genius: We all know the sea is usually blue. But why? Well, it’s because light from the sun is made up of all colours, but red, orange and yellow lightwaves (a different kind of wave!) are longer than blue ones and get absorbed by the water more easily – leaving the blue behind for us to sea!

3. Which sea creature would you most like to be for a day? And why?

How to sound like a genius: Some sea creatures actually can be other species! Well, almost. The cuttlefish can camouflage to hide from predators and males sometimes even pretend to be girls to sneak past other males! Plus, the mimic octopus can make itself look like lots of species including fish, sea snakes and jellyfish.

4. Which sea creature do you think mum/dad/name would be? And why?

How to sound like a genius: Read the information alongside the creature they’ve chosen and try to find something funny and something positive about the characteristics they share. e.g. If it’s an octopus, you could say they’re brilliant at tickling, and clever too, as they have nine brains

5. An octopus, shark, poisonous frog or upside-down jellyfish – who would win?

How to sound like a genius: Here are a few facts to help you decide: A dart frog has skin that can kill up to 20 adult humans, an upside-down jellyfish is toxic but its sting wouldn’t really bother you much, and even if a shark bit off an octopus’ arm it could grow back again eventually. So, it partly depends on size. For example, whale and great white sharks are huge, but a smaller type such as a reef shark could easily be killed by a giant octopus or poisonous frog.

6. Which is the biggest sea creature in Blue Planet Aquarium?

How to sound like a genius: The biggest creatures in the entire world’s oceans are the blue whale, the fin whale and the whale shark. In Blue Planet Aquarium, our largest creature is probably you! (Closely followed by our sand tiger shark who is over 30 years old and weighs over 40 stone)!

7. What name would you give our largest shark? And why?

How to sound like a genius: You could call it Ariel, because shark’s eggs are often known as ‘Mermaid’s purses’. That’s because their funny rectangular shape makes them look a bit like a purse or wallet!

8. Which of our creature(s) could you beat in a race?

How to sound like a genius: Humans can run almost 28 mph (that’s the world record though!). Even if you weren’t quite that fast, you could still beat our seahorses, starfish, frogs, and clownfish (they can only swim fast for short bursts, then they usually have to hide again!). If you were super-speedy, you might even beat our caimans (on land they can move up to 25mph but as fast as 30mph in water!).

9. Which of our creatures looks most like someone you know?

Take a ‘shell-fie’ on your phone with our fishy friend whilst pulling the same face!

10. How many fish or other creatures have a bigger mouth than you?

Don’t forget to open wide and take a pic! Especially our cheeky pelicans!
How to sound like a genius: In the ocean, the largest mouth belongs to the bowhead whale. It can be as big as 5m long – that’s probably 4 times bigger than you!
Have fun, and don’t forget to tag us in your pics!
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