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Our Guest Experience, Conservation & Education Manager

We are dedicated to ensuring our guests have the best experience that can be achieved. Say Hello to Steff Cook, who has recently been promoted from Visitor Services team leader to Guest Experience, Conservation and Education Manager. Steff is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of guest satisfaction, daily operation of the front desk and … Continued

JAW-some Crafts!

What a Turt-ely amazing half term we’ve had! As it draws to an end, let’s dive in and take a look at what we have accomplished! The room catered to nearly 1,000 visitors a day where they enjoyed many different Sharky crafts! Visitors to Blue Planet Aquarium were ecstatic to see a whole room dedicated … Continued


Come and visit our newly developed toxicity display including the world’s most poisonous frog, we invite you to crawl inside and come face-to-face with some seriously scary spiders! Meet the Creepy Creatures… Huntsman (Heteropoda venatoria)🕸 Huntsman spiders are large, fast spiders which live in warm climates throughout the world. Huntsman spiders are venomous, and their … Continued

King of the Aquarium!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Discus Fish at Blue Planet Aquarium! They are located in our Flooded Forest Exhibit! Immerse yourself in the sounds of the rainforest, our tropical flooded river exhibit mimics the environment found in the Amazon. You’ll come face to fin with Giant Pacu, the often misunderstood Piranha and … Continued

Fishing for the perfect Valentine’s date?

Follow our four step guide for shrimp-ly the perfect evening for you and your loved one or friend, which is guaranteed to make a splash this year! Did you know.. Aquarium’s are the new romance hot-spot this year! According to an article from the Daily Mail, the trends experts at Pinterest have predicted that the … Continued

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