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The Great Oceans Getaway: Summer at Blue Planet Aquarium

26 July to 1 September 2019

Can’t decide on your perfect holiday destination? Why choose when you can visit Blue Planet Aquarium this summer for The Great Oceans Getaway!

Pick up your passport and collect stamps as you travel the world in search of remarkable creatures and diverse habitats:

Northern Streams

Visit the northern hemisphere and get up close to the inhabitants of the freshwater rivers and streams of the British Isles.

Coral Cave

Explore the mysterious darkened coral cave to find a stunning, natural coral reef teeming with tropical fish species as well as rays and puffer fish. 

Lake Malawi 

Discover Africa’s third-largest lake, formed millions of years ago. Our Lake Malawi is home to 100 species of native fish. Look out for our cichlids who have two sets of teeth!

Flooded Forest

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the rainforest with buzzing insects, a frog chorus, and a symphony of birdsong. Keep your eyes peeled for piranhas!

And there’s more…

  • Feeds and talks take place all day throughout the aquarium including our diver presentations with the sharks in the main Aquatunnel.
  • Relive Shakey the Shark’s around the world trip with his spectacular Aquatheatre shows, daily at 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm. 
  • Be a border controller and check the luggage! You’ll be shocked to see what’s being imported! 

Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered for your staycation!

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