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Meet the Predators – February Half Term

Half Term at Blue Planet Aquarium: Meet the Predators

Unleash your dangerous side this February half term as we show you the PREDATORS of Blue Planet Aquarium. From 16th-24th February, it’s time to face your fears and come face-to-face with some of the world’s most feared predators.

Feeling jumpy? Prepare yourself for the sight of poisonous dart frogs, as their vibrant colours may catch you off guard. The bright patterns of the dart frog are a way to warn other animals of their poisonous nature – be sure to stay on the right side of these deceivingly cute creatures. Their secret – deadly venom!
Wander through the predator trail and feast your eyes on an array of predators, who are known to be some of the most dangerous animals in the world. From the poisonous Lionfish to the snapping Caiman crocs, Blue Planet Aquarium is the hotspot for thrillseekers this half term.
We’re home to the largest collection of sharks in Europe, and the underwater giants will be waiting for you at the special shark finning awareness event to highlight how humans are the scariest predators under the waves. Don’t forget to get your selfie stick, at the ready because you’ll have the opportunity to stand in the jaws of the HUGE Megalodon shark – the largest shark that ever lived (make sure you show us on Instagram!).
The jawsome fun doesn’t stop there, either. Explore our interactive shark wall and learn all there is to know about the fins that glide through the waves.
Running throughout half term between 10-6 pm, the Predators Showcase is something you and the family certainly don’t want to miss. Exciting feeds take place daily at 12pm, where we’ll talk you through the fascinating feeding frenzies and predatory habits of our caimans, piranhas and sharks.
Grab your tickets now and prepare yourself to confront the dangers that lurk beneath – and above – the ocean waves.

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