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Animal Spotlight: Sand Tiger Sharks


Sand Tiger Sharks – Looks can be deceiving Sand Tigers certainly look scary at first glance. Their long, sleek, grey bodies and pointed snout. Not to mention their wide mouth full to the brim of vicious-looking teeth! Growing up to 3.2 metres long and weighing an extraordinary amount, they’re imposing. However, they’re quite docile. Habitat […]

What does a Curator do?


Meet Dave. He has a very important job. He is the Curator of Blue Planet Aquarium. What is a Curator? Firstly, it might be worth us asking the question, what is a Curator? The dictionary definition is “the custodian of a collection.” That’s exactly what they do in Blue Planet. The Curator oversees the well-being […]

School & Educational Trips 2022


Arranging a school trip to Blue Planet Blue Planet aim to make it as easy as possible for educators to arrange their trip. We provide risk assessments, free coach parking and we’re just a call away to answer any questions. You can even arrange a visit for your own risk assessments if you’d like. The […]

Historic and previously unreachable blog content


Record breaking Sea Bass Shoal Blue Planet and Sale Sharks Chef embarks on walk from Blue Planet to London Rare sponge crab donated Giant Clownfish visits Claire House Donovan – Trouble in paradise Donovan – Great White Shark adventure continues Why swimming with sharks should be on your bucket list 10 reasons why your toddler […]

Diver Testimonial Video


Shark Diving for beginners There is a common misconception around shark diving, that it’s scary or dangerous. Suitable only for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. However, my time working in the aquarium and observing people who have completed a dive really opened my eyes. It quickly became apparent these experiences are there for everyone to enjoy. […]