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The growing shark family


Arabian Carpet Shark (Chiloscyllium arabicum) Here at Blue planet Aquarium we have a large variety of sharks, from our giant Sand Tiger sharks to our smaller Arabian sharks. These smaller sharks are often overlooked, as they can be found hiding in crevices along the reef, but do not be fooled by there illusive habits, they […]

The Sizes of Different Sharks: How Do They Compare?

whale shark header


From great whites to whale sharks, there’s no denying that some sharks are true behemoths of the sea. But how do sharks measure up against us humans? And are they really as imposingly large as you might think?

All About the Poison Dart Frog: Weird and Wonderful Facts

poison dart frog


In this post, we’re showcasing the poison dart frog in all its weirdness and beauty, filling you in on everything from what they eat to just how toxic they really are.

Blue Planet Aquarium Temporarily Closed Again


Blue Planet Aquarium must sadly close its doors again in response to Cheshire being put into tier3 on 26th December 2020 in a bid to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases across the country, and to ease pressures on the NHS. As with previous closures, our expert team will continue to provide first rate care […]

Why Are Coral Reefs So Important?

Why are coral reefs so important?


In this guide, we’re shining a light on the beauty and significance of coral reefs, exploring what they are and why they’re so important to the biodiversity of our underwater world.