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Welcome to our blogs, filled with fun and varied fishy info! Learn more about the animals we have at Blue Planet Aquarium, as well as others across the World’s oceans and how you can help protect them too.

Happy reading!

What’s the Difference Between the Ocean and the Sea?

It’s always tempting to use “sea” and “ocean” interchangeably – we may even be guilty of it ourselves! But there...

Saying Goodbye to Kevin.

We are saddened to announce Kevin, our Giant Pacific Octopus has passed away. Kevin had reached maturity which sadly brought...

Which Sea Creature Are You?

Obsessed with all the different sea creatures floating around across the world? We get it – sometimes we prefer them...

Discover: The Caribbean Sea

Each year, the Caribbean Sea brings millions of tourists to the countries and islands that are on it. And with...

Animals that Camouflage: How Does it Work?

Now you see them now you don’t! There are a number of sea creatures that have developed the ability to...

5 Weird and Wonderful Sharks You Should Know About

Sharks are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures – they were on this Earth before trees even existed –...

How Many Marine Animals Are There?

With over 70% of the planet covered by water, it’s no wonder there are parts of it that we haven’t...

8 Family Days Out in the North West

The summer holidays are upon us, and that means the great scramble to fill six weeks with fun stuff has...

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