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11 Living Creatures that Coexisted with Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs had a good run of more than 180 million years, until an asteroid came along and wiped out life on the planet… Or did it? (That’s another question for another day.) While most life of earth met its demise during the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction (also known as the K/T boundary), many marine families and […]

Shark Week at Blue Planet Aqaurium


Its Shark Week and we’re celebrating by telling you all about our sharks. First up We have Wilma She’s the grandma of the Aquarium and lets all the others know by keeping them in check. Sand Tigers are unique in the shark world because they are the only species of shark to gulp air to […]

20 Years of Blue Planet Aquarium


All aboard for our 20th anniversary! Since our opening in 1998, Blue Planet Aquarium has been inspiring encounters with incredible creatures and we’ve been the backdrop to countless cherished memories. 20 years on, as you’ll see, that role now spans generations and generations of guests. Happy Birthday to Us! We reached out to our lovely […]

Why Are Sharks Endangered: Top 5 Questions Answered


Sharks are disappearing! These fascinating fish have been around for hundreds of millions of years – long before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth – but scientists have reported a drastic drop in their population in just the last generation. If you’re thinking “how can these ferocious apex predators possibly go extinct?”, you’ve come to the […]

Blue Planet Aquarium seeks an Aquarium Scuba Diver Part Time


A fantastic opportunity has arisen at our flagship visitor attraction located in North West England at Cheshire Oaks for a Part Time Diver to join its team. About Blue Planet Aquarium Blue Planet Aquarium is home to over 100 living displays across 16 themed zones taking guests on a journey of underwater discovery. It is […]

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