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The Longest-Living Sea Creatures in the World

greenland shark header image


Here, we’re exploring the longest-living creatures in our seas, giving you the lowdown on why they live as long as they do.

How to Make a Jam Jar Aquarium with Kids

kids making crafts


Making these colourful jam jar aquariums is easy enough for even the youngest members of your household to get involved in, click here for more!

Meet Our Keepers: What’s it Like to Look After Sharks

sharks featured image


Want to learn more about sharks? We’re chatting to dive officer, Joe Cross, about life swimming with these amazing creatures.

The Internet’s Favourite Animal Crossing Villagers Revealed

most popular animal crossing villagers


We’ve analysed Google searches for Animal Crossing to find out the most (and least) popular characters and items, and to understand how players spend time in-game.

Dinosaurs of the Sea: Ocean Life in the Prehistoric Era

Dinosaurs of the Sea


From sharks as big as buses to carnivorous whales and giant sea-lizards, these enormous predators made pre-historic oceans a truly treacherous, dangerous place to venture in. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most amazing extinct creatures that once roamed the world’s oceans.