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Coral Reefs are Endangered- Call to Save Them!

Coral Reefs are Endangered


Coral reefs are critical to humans, and they contribute their quota to the ecological balance of mother earth. Consequently, the coral reef is one of the many things human must work together to save. Why save coral reefs? What are these ecological benefits that they contribute to earth? This write-up will provide answers to these […]

Turtles Myth about its Slowness

Turtles Myth about its Slowness


Why turtles are slow myth are making the round today. Many do not know why, but they have cooked up stories about these poor animals, just like they have woven so much mystery around the tortoise in much eye-popping folklore, making you wonder if such an animal could have committed all the atrocities leveled against […]

Sharks of the Caribbean arrive Blue Planet Aquarium


Sharks of the Caribbean- a summer celebration is running from 22nd July-3rd September and is a celebration of all things movie and film. A movie trail has been created where children will be able to find famous character’s names in-front of the real life creatures that inspired their characters- all while learning facts about either […]

Starfish Sleep, when, how and where.

Starfish sleep, when and where.


Do starfish sleep? And if they do, where do starfish sleep? The easiest answer for this is no. They do not sleep. The long answer depends on the species of starfish you are looking at. There are different body types of starfish, each with a unique behavioral mechanism and life history. Take the class Asteroidea, […]

The Great White Life – The Marine Big 5


Hello again, I know its been a while we were hit by a huge storm last week and the wifi in the last week was down so I was unable to get this blog to you. This blog will be talking about the South African Marine Big 5. All of the big 5 are very […]