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Romance Beneath The Waves


  For us humans, love is one of the most important things in our lives. From a dozen red roses and a kiss under the mistletoe to more modern methods such as heart emojis and dating apps, our lives are dominated by the search for a partner and the symbols of romance. But we’re not […]

How Plastic Is Damaging Our Oceans


  Plastic is a cheap useful material which has transformed our lives over the past few decades. From water bottles to smartphones, plastic is always at our fingertips. But, it also causes enormous damage to the environment, particularly to our oceans.  Covering over 70% of the planet, the ocean provides a home to countless species, […]

Send your loved one a special message at our Valentine’s night


Love Is In The Aquarium ❤️ Love is well and truly in the air this February at Blue Planet Aquarium with our event on Valentine’s Night. Hold your sole mate’s hand and take a trip through the waves of love at this exclusive-to-adults evening (16+ and over). For two hours – starting at 5:30pm – […]

New additions here at Blue Planet Aquarium 2020


CHROMIS Known for their bright colours, chromis are one of the less-aggressive species of damselfish and are even thought to have a playful nature. They only grow to around 4” and form large shoals. Need to have at least 6 in a shoal to spread the aggression from the ‘alpha’. These are currently in our […]

“Freddie” the Queen Triggerfish arrives at Blue Planet Aquarium


  Little Fish – Big pond!   During this Christmas Holiday we are open every day except on the 25th December so come on down to Blue Planet Aquarium for a fabulous day out and create Christmas Fishes! It’s an exciting time here at Blue Planet Aquarium and this week have had the arrival of […]

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