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Starfish Sleep, when, how and where.

Starfish sleep, when and where.


Do starfish sleep? And if they do, where do starfish sleep? The easiest answer for this is no. They do not sleep. The long answer depends on the species of starfish you are looking at. There are different body types of starfish, each with a unique behavioral mechanism and life history. Take the class Asteroidea, […]

The Great White Life – The Marine Big 5


Hello again, I know its been a while we were hit by a huge storm last week and the wifi in the last week was down so I was unable to get this blog to you. This blog will be talking about the South African Marine Big 5. All of the big 5 are very […]

The Great White Life – What is it we’re doing?


Hello again, so far in the first few blogs I have spoken mainly about things that aren’t related to research such as the Shark dive which I mentioned in the last post. However, this is the blog post in which I will be talking about all the research that Marine Biologists and volunteers will work […]

Cartilaginous Fish vs. Bony Fish


Cartilaginous Fish vs. Bony Fish, differences between them   There are two types of fish that usually are contentious, and give a lot of people a hard time telling apart. If you can learn the differences between these two types of fish, it can be very easy for you to understand and tell them apart where necessary. […]

Helpful Facts to Satisfy Your Octopus Curiosities


Octopus does not live on land. As a result, you might never have seen a live one before, and you may never be able to see a live one all through your sweet life on earth. The fact that the octopus is not a terrestrial animal further contributes to the ignorance many people express about […]

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