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Adorable Otters in Our Outdoor Enclosure

Adorable Otters in Our Outdoor Enclosure

Our Outdoor Otter enclosure is one of the largest in the UK and is home to our Asian Short Clawed Otters.

This species tends to be found in social groups of approximately 15. Within this group there will be a single breeding pair, as there is often fighting if the group has multiple breeding pairs.

Usually there will be two litters a year, which can result in up to seven pups each (known as Kitts), although the usual number of Kitts per litter is three.

They are omnivorous land animals eating meat and vegetation, but they are expert swimmers hunting in water to catch their favourite food – fish.

Over the years, their numbers have become threatened as a result of hunting. Otter furs (known as pelts) were very fashionable and fetch high prices. However, thanks to intensive research and conservation, their numbers are starting to recover.