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Fancy coming face to face with some curious caimans? Now you can at our Caiman Crocodile exhibit.

When you think of crocodiles and alligators, you might think huge and scary? Not so much when it comes to our collection of caimans!

Blue Planet Aquarium is home to the Cuvier’s dwarf caiman, the smallest living new world crocodilian.

While males only reach 1.5 metres in length, they are no less mighty! But our aquarists are still very mindful of their fingers when feeding them.

In the wild, you’ll find Cuvier’s crocs in mangrove swamps, which are some of the most fascinating and diverse ecosystems on the planet.

The world of mangrove swamps is a mixture of land and sea. The amount of salt in a mangrove swamp can change dramatically depending on the weather.

Mangrove trees stand in mud on stilt-like roots in the muddy estuaries along large rivers, and in the lagoons and bays of tropical sea coasts on both sides of the equator.

The mangroves provide a refuge from hurricanes and other extreme weather. This makes them a perfect home for many wonderful and weird creatures of the deep, including  archerfish and of course our caimans!

In this Exhibit:

Archer Fish

Known as “spitting sharpshooters”, the Archer Fish can shoot precision jets of water from its mouth to take down its insect prey.

What are you waiting for? Book your ticket to visit our cracking Caiman today!

Current Water Temp

27 / 80

Water Type

Fresh Water and Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Tropical Mangroves

In This Exhibit

35 species | 250 animals

Where are we?

Central and South America

In This Exhibit

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