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The Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) is a marine cephalopod.

It has incredible intelligence and uses its donut shaped brain to keep itself out of trouble! It can camouflage itself by rapidly changing colour and even texture, and also uses items in the ocean to help hide itself too such as shells.

They can hide in the smallest of spaces because it is an invertebrate and has no skeleton, it can manipulate its body in all sorts of shapes and sizes, restricted only by its hard beak which it uses to crush its prey.

DID YOU KNOW: Giant Pacific Octopus have nine hearts, one in its mantle and one in each arm used to pump thick blue blood around its body. The thick blood helps to keep them warm in their cold, deep habitat.



What do they eat?

Crabs, fish, molluscs



Water Type

Cold saltwater

Where are we?

North Pacific

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