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Explore freshwater rivers and discover the wildlife living in its natural habitat.

Start your journey from spring to estuary with our Northern Streams exhibit. Meander through freshwater streams and discover the creatures that call this environment home.

Northern Streams introduces wildlife that can be found in Britain, but that few of us have ever been lucky enough to see.

See if you can spot Common Carp and European Perch in the reeds and cool water of the exhibit. Look closely, and you’ll see a diverse range of fish from the planet’s cooler climates.

These species call the beautiful rivers and streams of the British Isles home, as well as some waterways in Europe.

Sadly, pollution has damaged many of the UK and Europe’s waterways, and they’re only just recovering. However, there are new threats to our wildlife, such as invasive species like the Channel Catfish and Brook Trout. Only time will tell how the introduction of these species will impact the native inhabitants.

Current Water Temp

15 / 59

Water Type

Fresh Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate Rivers

In This Exhibit

12 species | 700 animals

Where are we?

Northern Europe and North America

In This Exhibit

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Flooded Forest

Be transported to the Amazon and see what lives in this abundant habitat!

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