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Come face to face with the planet’s deadliest creatures in our awesome Venom attraction!

Do you dare to come face to face with some of the world’s most fearsome creatures?

Our terrifying Tarantula Tree Tower invites you to crawl inside and view the exhibit from within and come face-to-face with some seriously scary spiders while you’re there.

If that wasn’t frightening enough, Venturing into Venom will see you come close to Black Widow Spiders, venomous Lionfish and vicious vipers

Try and see if you can spot the world’s most poisonous fish, the stonefish, in our Lionfish display – if you dare!

But don’t worry, all our displays are kept behind specially made reinforced glass, so any up-close encounters will be completely safe!

Remember to stop by and see out Vipers, including the eyelash viper and Copperhead Viper.

You can also spot web-spinning spiders and a whole host of other venomous creatures.

Venomous vs Poisonous
The difference is their method of delivery. Venom must be injected to cause injury, in the case of the Lionfish using its sharp spine, whereas poison is ingested by eating the flesh of the animal.

Are you ready to face your fears in our Venom display? Plan your visit today!

Current Water Temp

15 – 25 / 59 – 77

Water Type

Fresh Water and Salt Water

Climate / Biome

All sorts!

In This Exhibit

12 species | 45 animals

Where are we?

All over the World!

In This Exhibit

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