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What’s living along our rocky shores? Find out in Rock Pools aquarium exhibit.
Get up close to some of the most intriguing animals that call the rocky coastlines of Britain their home.
The three giant, interconnected rock pools that make up our popular Rock Pools aquarium exhibit show you starfish, anemone and even some members of the shark family!
Rockpools are wonderful micro-habitats, full of incredible sea life, but they can be tough places for animals to live. Creatures who call them home are under threat from predators like the seagulls, as well as environmental changes.
Conservation is our priority, so we no longer offer a ‘touch pool’ experience at this exhibit. However, you can now get a better view than ever before by using our bathyscopes to peer beneath the water!

Current Water Temp

15 / 59

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate Marine

In This Exhibit

25 species | 500 animals

Where are we?

UK Coast

In This Exhibit

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Ocean Exhibit

Step into our fantastic underwater tunnel and experience HUGE sharks swimming over your head!

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