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Walk Along the Seabed in Our Underwater Tunnel

Walk Along the Seabed in Our Underwater Tunnel

At the heart of Blue Planet Aquarium is the ‘Aqua-tunnel’, one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world. You’ll be taken on a spectacular underwater safari on our moving walkway and everywhere you look you’ll find amazing tropical fish and awesome sharks staring back at you!

Meet one of Europe’s largest collections of Sharks face to face! Spectacular Sand Tiger Sharks, graceful Guitar Sharks and beautiful Black Tip Sharks can all be seen as you drift along through the 70 meter long underwater ‘Aqua-tunnel’.

Look up and be greeted by the cheeky smiles from our stunning Stingrays. You can’t help but smile yourself when you see them!

Get up close and personal with Blue Planet Aquarium’s sharks. Weighing in at up to 350lbs and at lengths of 3.2m the Sand Tiger Sharks are by far the largest in our tank! Remember, all of our sharks and fish are actually a third larger than they look in the tunnel as the curve in the acrylic alters the perspective.

Go through the tunnel as many times as you like, each time you will spot something different and be amazed at the wonderful world of the Caribbean Reef.

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