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Make pals with our pelicans!

No trip to Blue Planet Aquarium is complete without a trip outdoors to say hello to our resident pelicans!

Our outdoor exhibit is home to our squadron of stunning Dalmatian Pelicans, the largest species of pelican in the world.

Did you know that a Dalmatian pelican can grow up to 1.8m in height and have a wingspan of over 3m when fully grown? Adults can also weigh up to 15kg!

The Dalmatian Pelican is found in Eastern Europe and East and Central Asia and is known to migrate to warmer climates for breeding purposes.

Their diet consists mainly of fish, including carp, perch, trout and eels but they have also been known to consume crustaceans, cephalopods, molluscs and amphibians.

The squad spend their time at Blue Planet Aquarium enjoying the safety and peace of our outdoor aquarium exhibit. It is important we look after birds like these, which is why we have got hands-on with their protection.

The status of the Dalmatian Pelican was recently changed from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘near-threatened’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It is vital we act now to prevent further endangerment of this beautiful species.

Thankfully the only things the pelicans in our care have to worry about is whether to go for a swim or argue about who gets to sit nearest to the fishing boat next to the pond!

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Subtropical Wetlands

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