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Venom: Home to the World’s Deadliest Creatures

Venom: Home to the World’s Deadliest Creatures

Come face to face with the planet’s deadliest creatures in our awesome VENOM attraction!

VENOM has specially reinforced displays which allow you to get as close as you dare to some real natural born killers. Venom features everything from black widow spiders and venomous lionfish to stinging jellyfish and vipers in a series of innovative displays. See if you can spot the world’s most poisonous fish, the Stone Fish in the Lion Fish display! He’s very well camouflaged.

Come face to face with and be completely surrounded by some serious spiders in our famous ‘Tarantula Tree Tower’

Other displays here include mesmerising Moon Jelly Fish and a number of different viper snakes including the Eyelash Viper and Copperhead.

Venom also features giant golden web spinning spiders and a whole host of other venomous creatures.

Venom – Face Your Fears!!