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KS1 Education: Children Aged 5-7

KS1 Education: Children Aged 5-7

KS1 Education: Children Aged 5-7

Aquarist feeding giraffe catfish in malawi exhibit

Blue Planet aim to make planning your school trip as simple as possible, so you can focus on the kids having a fun and educational visit. You should have plenty of exciting talking points to take back to school for engaging lessons!

All school visits come with a time slot for lunch in The Nautilus Kitchen and storage for bags, coats and packed lunches as you explore the aquarium.

Our educational packs provide all the information you need about booking, classroom sessions, payment information, risk assessments, and more. Any further questions just call 0151 357 8804.

Get more from your trip with a classroom session

We offer a range of classroom sessions at key stage 1:

Kids hands up during classroom session

We try to make our classroom sessions informative and engaging linked to the national curriculum. Ensuring kids take part in the learning with props and visual aids. All trips also include an Aquatheatre presentation, where our divers feed our huge Stingrays and schools of tropical fish.

Designed with the cirriculum in mind

Visit us and we will bring the Primary National Curriculum to life – click here to download an e-copy of the fact file for more information, use the button below to send us a booking request, or you can call us on 0151 357 8804 if you wish to book a visit.

Education Admission Prices 2021-22

School AdmissionsPrice (with VAT)
Junior Peak Child (May – August)£9.25
Junior Off Peak (September – April)£8.20
Additional Standard£16.60
Primary Classroom Session£35.50
Secondary Classroom Session£40.25

*Free teacher to child ratio: Nursery 1:4, Primary 1:6 Secondary 1:10

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That’s not all: learning at this classroom session is complete with interactive games, hands-on activities, a Q&A session, and an animal encounter… Yes, your child will get to interact with one of our creatures here at Blue Planet Aquarium! Plus, they will also get to explore the rest of the aquarium as part of the session.