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Pufferfish of Blue Planet Aquarium

The Pufferfish of Blue Planet Aquarium capture the adoration of many of our visitors. These cute-looking, smiley fish make almost everyone melt and want to take a picture with them. They are a type of fish people have always found fascinating. With characters such as Bloat, the Porcupine Puffer from Finding Nemo. You’ll even find … Continued

Giant Pacific Octopus – Animal Spotlight

The Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) is regarded as the largest known species of Octopus. They have an average arm span of around 4m across and weigh in at roughly 50kg. They can grow even larger, with a deceased GPO being found in the wild weighing a whooping 272kg! Giant Pacific Octopus habitats Native throughout … Continued

6 Deadliest Deep Sea Predators: and How They Catch Their Prey

If you’re thinking about coming to our Predators event this half term, you’ll be relieved to know that the sharks, caimans and piranhas we have on show are safely behind glass. However, should you ever find yourself swimming in the sea, or splashing around in a river somewhere exotic, just remember you could be seconds … Continued

Helpful Facts to Satisfy Your Octopus Curiosities

Octopuses don’t live on land. As a result, you might never have seen a live one before. You may also never encounter one in the wild as long as you live. The fact that octopuses are not terrestrial animals can contribute to the ignorance many people have about them. How much do you know about … Continued

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