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Which Sea Creature Are You?

Obsessed with all the different sea creatures floating around across the world? We get it – sometimes we prefer them to people! From pufferfish to piranhas, they all have their own distinct personalities and quirks. And if you’re fascinated by how we compare to them, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a … Continued

Why are Coral Reefs Bleaching?

There’s no denying it – coral reefs are truly beautiful, but they have a sad story behind them. Coral reefs are an incredibly important part of the ocean and are one of the most diverse habitats in the world, but if we’re not careful, they won’t be around for much longer. Sometimes called the rainforests … Continued

BRICKLIVE Ocean Exhibit Makes a Splash at Blue Planet Aquarium This Summer!

Visitors to Blue Planet Aquarium are in for a whale-y-good time this summer, as the highly anticipated BRICKLIVE Ocean Exhibition lands throughout the aquarium from 21st July to 3rd September. BRICKLIVE Ocean is an immersive exhibition showcasing a fish-inating collection of hand-built brick statues, made from 1,328,371 plastic bricks that give a fin-sight into the … Continued

6 Fun Facts About Tarantulas

It’s safe to say that tarantulas aren’t the most friendly-looking of creatures, despite their furry appearance. They are often depicted in films and television as something to run scared from, with fangs and fast-moving legs, but in reality they are fascinating and misunderstood members of the Theraphosidae family. So, whether you’re a little scared of … Continued

How to Become a Marine Biologist

So, you’re looking to become a marine biologist? Wise choice! Here at Blue Planet Aquarium, we have the pleasure of working with some of the UK’s leading marine biologists and Zoologists, so have gotten to know firsthand how the profession works and what a rewarding role it can be. Before you get you dive in … Continued

Is Coral a Plant or an Animal? 8 Interesting Facts

It’s hard to picture the ocean without the wonderful colours and shapes of the coral reef. And, if we’re being honest, we really wouldn’t want to! As well as adding colour and variety to the already massive number of species in our waters, they’re massively important to sea life for a few different reasons. From … Continued

Jaw-some Dive Experiences

Come face to fin with one of Europe’s largest collection of sharks as you dive in at Blue Planet Aquarium! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive in & submerge yourself in the underwater world that is below our oceans? At Blue Planet Aquarium you can do just that with our … Continued

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