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What’s in Our Northern Streams?

What’s in Our Northern Streams?

Blue Planet Aquarium introduces you to freshwater life that few of us have seen first-hand. These are inhabitants of the waters of the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, including the rivers and streams of the British Isles.

The Industrial Revolution polluted many of Europe’s waterways and it has only been in the last 50 years that they have started to recover. However there are new threats; these include the introduction of invasive species such as the CHANNEL CATFISH and BROOK TROUT into many European waters.


Britain’s largest predatory freshwater fish, the pike has teeth angled to prevent prey escaping.
Maximum Size: 1.8M
Fintastic Fact!
A Pike spends most of its life lurking motionless in wait for its prey – and can then strike at up to 60mph! They eat small birds such as ducklings.


The biggest carp caught in Europe (so far) weighed over 36kg (80lbs)
Maximum Size: 1.2M


Perch have very sharp spikes on their dorsal fins to protect them against predators.
Maximum Size: 50CM


Their slimy scales have a nasty taste to make themselves unattractive to other fish.
Maximum Size: 80CM


Native to northern North America, they are found in clear, cool, well-oxygenated streams and lakes.
Maximum Size: 53CM

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