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Meet Our Amazing Amphibians

Meet Our Amazing Amphibians

Amphibians are vertebrates meaning they have a backbone and are characterised by their moist skin. They do not have scales, hair, feathers or claws. Some species spend most of their time out of water but they tend to return to the water to breed.

Here at Blue Planet Aquarium, you can learn how frogs have evolved to meet the conditions of their habitats.

Some are more successful than others, but sadly many amphibians, including the Golden Dart Frog, are currently amongst some of the most endangered species in the world. This is due largely to the systematic destruction of the rainforests and the spread of a devastating fungal disease. In the UK amphibians are also on the decline as a result of the disappearance of ponds and wetlands. At Blue Planet Aquarium we take conservation seriously we have an extensive and successful breeding programme in place on-site.

Froggy fact!
Not all dart frogs are poisonous, but some are extremely toxic – the Golden Poison Frog contains enough toxin to kill up to 20 people! In captivity, Dart Frogs lose their toxicity because the prey they feed on (beetles and ants) are not available – in the wild, the frogs store poison from the prey in their skin.