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6 Facts You Should Know About Cichlids

It’s thought there are well over 1,000 different species of cichlid, making them an incredibly diverse family of fish. In fact, this makes cichlids one of the largest vertebrate families. So, with that in mind, these fascinating and varied creatures are certainly worth learning more about. Here are some of the top facts to help … Continued

Turtles vs Tortoises: How to Tell the Difference

Throughout the animal kingdom, there are various creatures that look alike but are entirely different species, such as hares and rabbits, seals and sea lions, and the subjects of this blog, turtles and tortoises. While they are both reptiles with decades-long lifespans, they have some distinct differences that set them apart. In this blog, we’ll … Continued

Is a Gecko a Lizard?

Reptiles are a fascinating group of animals, with a plethora of species that leave us awestruck. Among these, geckos stand out as a group that are some of the most intriguing and standout among other lizards. Are geckos a type of lizard, or do they possess unique characteristics that set them apart? In this blog, … Continued

Tarantula Anatomy: Learn all about the furry friends’ bodies!

To some, tarantulas are scary, creepy crawlies who should be kept away from, but for others, tarantulas are furry little creatures that are actually very interesting. In this blog, we’ll learn all about the bodies of tarantulas and what makes them so fascinating, not to mention why you shouldn’t be so scared of them! There … Continued

Which Creatures Hibernate?

Hibernation is a term taken from the animal kingdom that most people will have heard of but that few will know much about. In fact, aside from bears and other big-name hibernators (like the humble hedgehog, perhaps), we’re guessing that most people would struggle to name another animal that takes it easy all winter long. … Continued

Why Do Snakes Shed their Skin?

Have you ever heard the phrase “being comfortable in your own skin”? For a snake, this takes on a whole new meaning, as they have the chance to shed and regrow their skin as they go through life to ensure they have the perfect fit. In truth, all animals shed their skin in some way, … Continued

What’s the Difference Between the Ocean and the Sea?

It’s always tempting to use “sea” and “ocean” interchangeably – we may even be guilty of it ourselves! But there are plenty of ways that these two vast water bodies differ, from their size and scale to the geographical features that define them. If you’ve never considered the difference between the sea and the ocean, … Continued

Do Fish Sleep at Night?

If you’ve ever wondered, “do fish sleep at night?”, you’re not alone. It’s amazing how many visitors to Blue Planet Aquarium ask about the sleeping habits of our residents, along with other slumber-related queries like “do fish close their eyes?”, “do fish yawn?”, and “do fish hibernate?”. So, to answer such questions once and for … Continued

Animals that Camouflage: How Does it Work?

Now you see them… now you don’t! There are a number of sea creatures that have developed the ability to camouflage themselves, which is a valuable skill to have when you’re trying to survive out in the open water. However, it’s not just marine life – some amphibians have mastered the art of blending in … Continued

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