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Meet the Blue Planet Divers

Meet the Blue Planet Divers

Sophie Montgomery – Dive Officer, Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor

sophie montgomery

Been diving for 4.5 years

Number of dives: 600 and counting

Learnt in the Maldives but done most of my diving in the United Arab Emirates where I grew up.

So far my favourite dive site I’ve been to is a site called Car Cemetery on the East coast of the United Arab Emirates.

My Favourite animal in Blue Planet Aquarium is: Alfie one of the juvenile sand tiger sharks.


Julie Vasey –¬†Diving Instructor

Years Diving: 15 years

Number of Dives: 2000

Favourite Dive: Thistle Gorm Wreck in the Red Sea and Cenote Cavern Diving in the Mexican Jungle

Favourite Blue Planet Animal: Flare just because he is!

Favourite Quote:


Carl White – IDC Staff Instructor

Years Diving: 1.5 years

Number of dives: 1000

Favourite Dive: Heron Bommie (Heron Island, Queensland) and Voodoo (Sydney)

Favourite Blue Planet Animal: Moray Eels

Favourite Quote: “Stay classy!”



Gwawr Jones MSDT Instructor

Years Diving: 2 and a half years

Number of dives: 2000 and counting

Favourite Dive: Santa Maria Caves in Malta

Favourite Blue Planet Animal: Wilma – the hot mamma of Blue Planet Aquarium!

Favourite Quote: Fish are friends, not food.


Becky Pearce – Open Water Scuba Instructor

Becky Pearce diver

Number of dives: 1000 and counting!

Favourite dive site: ‘The barge’¬† (Malaysia, Perhentian Islands) what an amazing wreck dive! So much life.

Favourite Blue Planet animal: Dotty the zebra shark, I would say the most beautiful animal in the aquarium and you should see some of our staff!

Favourite quote: That’s fintastic!


Tom Pimblett – Open Water Scuba Instructor

tom dive image

Years Diving: 4 years

Number of dives: ~500

Favourite Dive: SMS Markgraf, Scapa Flow or The U12, Eyemouth

Favourite Blue Planet Animal: Sunrise the Lemon Shark