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Meet the Blue Planet Divers

Meet the Blue Planet Divers

Joe Cross – Dive Officer – PADI Instructor

Favourite Animal: Zebra Shark

Having started diving when I was on a family holiday in Malta at the age of 14 I quickly fell in love with the sport. It was the completion of my open water course that sparked such a keen interest in the fascinating aquatic world. I studied Marine and Freshwater Biology at Aberystwyth University and on graduation contacted my local diving schools to start my professional diving qualifications. I quickly rose to become a PADI staff instructor and was incredibly lucky to get offered the job as a diver at Blue Planet Aquarium; it was like a dream come true getting to dive with these amazing animals everyday and to share my passion with others.

Laura Riding – PADI Instructor

Favourite Animal: Zebra Sharks

Before I started diving I had a crippling fear of Sharks until I saw them in the water and realised how graceful and non-threatening they are to divers. Now I love all the sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium but ‘Stripes’, our female Zebra Shark is my favourite because she likes to follow us around the tank!

Mike Cliff – PADI  Instructor

Favourite Animal: Nurse Sharks

I began diving in 1982 as an Army diver. Having qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver in 2011 I’ve now completed over 500 dives across the world. I progressed to become a qualified Open Water Scuba Instructor and joined the team at Blue Planet Aquarium in 2019. Here I’m lucky having the opportunity to dive with sharks every week, and the privilege of sharing my passion with visitors!

Georgia Jayes – PADI Instructor

Favourite Animal: Blue Planet Aquarium’s Sand Tiger Shark ‘Betty’

My favourite dive site is The Brothers in the Red Sea where I saw my first ever Shark – a Hammerhead! It was such an incredible experience that I’ve been hooked on Shark diving ever since.

Dom Benson – PADI Instructor

Favourite Animal: Nurse Sharks

I fell in love with scuba diving aged 16 on a diving holiday, and as soon as I was old enough I spent a summer living abroad to be awarded my Divemaster qualification. My obsession drove me to study Marine Biology at Swansea University, where I graduated in 2018. Working at the Blue Planet Aquarium allows me to get so much closer to these awesome creatures than you usually would in the wild.

Roisin Maddison – HSE Diver and photographer

Favourite Animal: Zebra Sharks

I started diving when I went to Falmouth University to study Marine and Natural History Photography, and instantly fell in love with everything marine! My goal in life through my instruction and photography is to advertise and promote the beauty and the importance of the marine world.

Donovan Lewis – PADI Divemaster

Favourite Animal: Great White Sharks

I’ve been fascinated with the oceans since I was a child and sharks have been an obsession of mine. I remember the first time I saw a Shark and couldn’t believe how incredibly beautiful and amazing it was. I dive so I can get closer to sharks and to help other people get closer to them too!

Carl White – PADI Instructor

Favourite Animal: Honeycomb Moray Eels