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The 10 things you need to ask your kids at the aquarium


There’s always something new to see at Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire. From Europe’s largest collection of sharks to our flooded forest, you won’t be stuck for things to be amazed by. But if you’re looking to keep those bright minds sharp, we’ve put together ten essential questions to keep them on their toes… or […]

11 Living Creatures that Coexisted with Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs had a good run of more than 180 million years, until an asteroid came along and wiped out life on the planet… Or did it? (That’s another question for another day.) While most life of earth met its demise during the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction (also known as the K/T boundary), many marine families and […]

5 Reasons to Take a Class Trip to an Aquarium


The ocean makes up most of our planet, and the creatures that dwell in the ocean are enchanting and endlessly fascinating. That’s why an aquarium will provide a superb alternative for your school’s next trip – one that will capture you and your pupils’ attention and enhance the curriculum. There are many benefits to choosing […]

How ocean currents affect climate?

How Oceans currents affect climate


Climate Change, how ocean currents affect climate? Ever wondered how ocean currents affect climate? Ocean currents are a continuous and directed movement of the ocean water. This happens through forces acting on the water, such as difference in salinity, the waves breaking, temperature, the wind or even the Coriolis effect. The direction of the current […]

10 Reasons Your Toddler Will Love Blue Planet Aquarium


What makes the perfect day out for your little one? Whether it’s cute animals or exotic creatures, educational play dates or outdoor activities with other kiddies, you’ll be happy to hear that we have them all. Listed below are 10 must-dos at Blue Planet Aquarium that we’re sure your toddler will enjoy. Wandering through the […]

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