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Cartilaginous Fish vs. Bony Fish

There are two types of fish that can be quite difficult to tell apart. Firstly cartilaginous fish have skeletons composed of cartilage. Secondly, bony fish have, yes you guessed it, bone skeletons! Their biological classifications are Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes respectively. Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes There are more than 20,000 fish species in the world of the … Continued

Helpful Facts to Satisfy Your Octopus Curiosities

Octopuses don’t live on land. As a result, you might never have seen a live one before. You may also never encounter one in the wild as long as you live. The fact that octopuses are not terrestrial animals can contribute to the ignorance many people have about them. How much do you know about … Continued

How do ocean currents affect climate?

Ocean currents affect climates on their neighbouring landmasses. Currents are a continuous and directed movement of the ocean water. This happens through forces acting on the water. Things such as differences in salinity, the waves breaking, temperature, the wind or even the Coriolis effect. Many factors contribute to the direction of a current. Things such … Continued

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