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What’s Living Along Our Rocky Shores?

What’s Living Along Our Rocky Shores?

Three giant rock pools provide an opportunity to get up close to some of the intriguing creatures that inhabit the rocky coastlines of the British Isles. There’s a chance to see Mullet, Dogfish, Seabass and Rays, and you will learn that Dogfish and Rays are in fact members of the shark family!


This shark, although known as a dogfish, is actually a member of the cat shark family. It mainly feeds on mussels, oysters, crabs and lobsters. Maximum Size: 1m. Dogfish are the most common shark found in UK waters.


Once very common in British waters, the Thornback Ray is becoming rare as a result of over-fishing. They are not fished for commercially but are caught accidentally with other fish.
Maximum Size: 90CM. Rays have broad flat bodies with eyes on the top, and the gills and mouth underneath. They shoot strong jets of water over the sandy bottom of the sea to uncover hidden prey, which they then grind up with their flattened teeth.


This flatfish can change colour to merge into its background. Can you spot the plaice in our pool?
Maximum Size: 1M, although commonly 50cm.


The Spider Crab plants a garden of seaweed and sponges on its back for camouflage which it transfers to a new shell after moulting! Maximum Size: 60CM

Fintastic Fact!

Please take care exploring at the seaside. Any rocks you turn over must be put back in the same position and the same way up.
(We no longer offer a “touch pool” experience in this section, but you can see deep down in to the water by using the bathyscopes!)