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Brand new shark and ray art project from Shark Trust this Summer!

26th August – 1st October

Shark Trust are bringing together artists from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about wildlife, conservation, and using art as a tool for positive change. The artists have kindly agreed to donate the pieces to their cause. Each artist has focused on one species of Oceanic Shark or Ray.

The full 31-piece exhibition will go on tour around the UK between Summer 2023 and Autumn 2024. Finally, the pieces will be auctioned off, with funds going towards the Big Shark Pledge. Limited edition prints are available for some of the pieces. We are privileged to have the exhibition stop at Blue Planet Aquarium for a whole month.

See all 31 art pieces handmade by artists from all around the world.

There is no additional charge for the Oceanic 31 exhibition. It is included in entry admission prices.

Book your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world artistry and marine life.

Disclaimer – Photography and/or filming will take place at Oceanic 31 thoughout the event. You may appear as part of general photos. The photographs and films will be used by Oceanic 31, its affiliates and third party partners for the purposes of promoting its activities and may be published on the event’s website and circulated to the press and other media organisations for publication, transmission or broadcast.By purchasing this ticket, you consent to us using these images without compensation or royalties, and release us and our affiliates and partners from any liability connected to the use of these images. If you do not want your child featured, please make the photographers aware or make yourself known at a member of the team. Thank you and enjoy the exhibit.

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