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Turtles Myth about its Slowness


Why turtles are slow myth are making the round today. Many do not know why, but they have cooked up stories about these poor animals, just like they have woven so much mystery around the tortoise in much eye-popping folklore, making you wonder if such an animal could have committed all the atrocities leveled against it by humans. However, we are going to open your eyes top the real story about why turtles are slow in this write-up.

One of the good reasons why turtles are slow is because they do not have to chase their foods around like many other animals. These animals are herbivores; they feed on plants which are stationery. They also do not have to run away from many predators like other animals have to do. Do not forget that they have very hard and thick shells, which make them immune to attack by predators. Many of these predators just leave them be.

Turtles Myth about its SlownessTwo turtles crossing a log slowly

The ecological adaptation and biological makeup of the turtle also make them wary of fast movement. If the turtle walks too fast, for example, it can have a fall, which will lead to bruises, make it develop sprains or break its bones (or shell if you like).

One other reason why turtles are slow is due to their slow metabolism. Yes, their rate of metabolism is slow, and the rate of metabolism goes a long way to determining speed. You may think their slowness and low metabolism are limitations, but will it interest you, O Human, to also know that they are among the longest living mammals on earth?

While metabolism contributes to speed, it also leads to certain products that can cause accelerated aging. Since turtles experience low metabolism, they produce less unhealthy metabolic products that can lead to physiological depreciation, hence their ability to live longer than many humans. In fact, turtles can live more than three centuries! You may not like it, but the turtle is going to enjoy life longer than you. It will still be here when humans begin to live on Mars, while you might have been reduced to some cremated mass (now don’t get offended; it’s just a joke).

Turtles are cool animals; their slow nature even contributes further to that. Humans might have cooked up stories about these helpless animals that nature has bestowed upon them, but many of these stories are just what they are: cooked up stories. So, if you have been fed with any unhealthy stories on why turtles are slow myth, it is high time you purged yourself of those unhealthy, cooked up stories and cut the poor turtle some slack.