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Blue Planet Aquarium: Autism and Disability Friendly Field Trips


As the Blue Planet aquarium is the UK’s number one aquarium it aims to tailor its experience to meet the requirement of all its visitors, therefore the aquarium aims to improve its accessibility for autistic or disabled individuals during field trip excursions at the aquarium.

As the aquarium provides a unique experience for experiential learning, discovery learning in a safe environment and allowing for socially embedding studies.

The aquarium aims to provide selected days with fast track entry for learners to enter a unique, complex environment with an abundance of sensory stimulation, by providing days with lower visitor numbers to ensure lower noise levels and provide learners with increased movement around the aquarium.

The aquarium aims to provide:

  • Fast Track Entry
  • Blue Planet Aquarium Environment
  • Selected Days
  • Lower Visitor Days & Noise levels
  • Enhanced Accessibility.