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School & Educational Trips 2022


Arranging a school trip to Blue Planet

Blue Planet aim to make it as easy as possible for educators to arrange their trip. We provide risk assessments, free coach parking and we’re just a call away to answer any questions. You can even arrange a visit for your own risk assessments if you’d like. The aquarium is easy to find and well signposted.

What to expect on a school trip to Blue Planet

You’ll be able to choose if you would like a guided or self-guided visit. If you would like a guided visit a member of our Guest Experience team will accompany you around the aquarium. Providing you with insight into the lives, habitats and behaviours of the wide variety of animals that live at Blue Planet.

Our educational visitors get priority seating at one of our Aquatheatre shows. In front of the huge window with views of the Caribbean reef exhibit. A massive tank that holds approximately 4 million litres of water. Watching some of our divers through the window, pupils will learn about our sharks and rays. They will also learn about diving equipment, how divers communicate and how they feed many of the aquariums animal residents.

A section of The Nautilus Kitchen will be reserved for your lunch, as well as storage for coats, bags, lunches or anything you may need to bring with you.

Taking the learning further

There are a wide variety of classroom sessions developed in line with the National curriculum. Take a look at our pages for your required Key Stage.

Classroom sessions are all interactive and engaging to make sure your pupils enjoy it and learn as much as possible.

Conservation through education

Blue Planet’s mission is to introduce people to animals and habitats they may not be familiar with. Making people aware of whole ecosystems and the threats they face. If we can introduce people early enough and teach them the impact that failure to protect these ecosystems can have. They then go on to make more eco-conscious decisions, leading to a positive relationship with the world around them.

Find out more

We’re available every day from 10:00 to 17:00. Fill out the enquiry form, send us an email or give us a call.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0151 357 8804