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Diver Testimonial Video


Shark Diving for beginners

There is a common misconception around shark diving, that it’s scary or dangerous. Suitable only for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. However, my time working in the aquarium and observing people who have completed a dive really opened my eyes. It quickly became apparent these experiences are there for everyone to enjoy. People are so put at ease and so confident in their dive instructors it’s a real rarity that anyone arrives and doesn’t complete their dive. Rather than an adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride, the dives appeared to be calming or a euphoric experience for most people.

Working at Blue Planet Aquarium

I certainly had, in my belief, a very rational fear of sharks. A large part of the reason I was so excited to start working at the Blue Planet Aquarium was that I could confront that fear, literally face-to-face. Over the course of a couple of weeks, that fear rapidly faded, to be replaced with feelings of respect and even affection. These awesome creatures are humbling to see first-hand. Masters of their environment, they drift confidently about, exploring their surroundings, ensured in the knowledge they’re the monarchs of their kingdom, even when the little humans decide to jump in.

Shark dive reviews

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been asking people to describe how their shark dive made them feel in the moments after they complete the experience. We planned to put together a video of testimonials and worried we might struggle for willing participants or that the experience wasn’t as positive as we believed. We needn’t have worried. We noticed every single person we asked had wide, space cadet eyes. They all struggled to find the words to describe their feelings about the experience. Not one person claimed they were scared past the initial fear of doing something new.

A unique experience

During our interviews, we noticed that everyone had their own unique take. From the welcome, the training to the dive itself, people sang the praises of the employees, the facilities, the whole experience. I’ve worked in industries with a service as a product for years and I was blown away by the level of positive responses to the diving experiences. I was shocked even when they were questioned, no one had a feeling on what to do to improve. Their honest reaction to the experience was singularly one of enjoyment.

What people told us about their dive

Here you can watch the Diver testimonial video one of our dive instructors put together.