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Sharks of the Caribbean arrive Blue Planet Aquarium


Sharks of the Caribbean- a summer celebration is running from 22nd July-3rd September and is a celebration of all things movie and film.

A movie trail has been created where children will be able to find famous character’s names in-front of the real life creatures that inspired their characters- all while learning facts about either the film or the animals themselves. So for example; Flotsam & Jetsam are eels, and in front of the tortoise enclosure you’ll find the names of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

There is also going to be a film clapperboard hidden around the aquarium for children to find– if they write the location of the board down and hand it over to reception they will be in the running to win a family return visit.

We have also created some framed ‘hollywood stars’ to go in the aquatheatre to showcase some of our most famous stars- The most famous four in our Aquarium. Staff will also be referring to the animals as our stars .
Sharks of the Caribbean 2017Three themed weekends throughout the event
We also have three themed weekends throughout the event. The three weekends that we have gone for (and their dates) are as follows:

  • 4th-7th August- Pirate Weekend
  • 18th-21st August- Beach Weekend
  • 25th-27th August- Awards Weekend

For pirate weekend staff will come to work dressed as a pirate, we will have pirate flags, bunting and probably a fair amount of the Pirates of the Caribbean style music playing.

Beach weekend is going to be four days of beach fun, rain or shine. Think giant inflatables, lilos, wind breakers, rainbow decorations and most importantly all staff dressed in fun summer clothing. We are looking at getting indoor games like skittles.

Awards weekend is the perfect ending to the main holiday event. We’ve spent the summer celebrating our favourite film characters and soundtracks and now we are giving out awards to the cast here at the aquarium. Staff will all be wearing fun awards badges (we will nominate staff members for awards at some point in august) and we will be awarding trophies to the animals for performances. For example the most electrifying performance would be awarded to the electric eels, and so on.