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Donovan heads to Africa to dive with Great White Sharks


The adventure of a lifetime is about to start for Donovan Lewis , a guest experience team member at Blue Planet Aquarium.

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Blue Planet Aquarium are sponsoring Donovan’s visit to South Africa late in April, where for eight weeks he will team up with the White Shark Diving company on an internship programme.

Donovan will work alongside marine biologists and conservationists in the Western Cape, and embark on a eight week learning programme diving with white sharks.

Getting to explore the South Atlantic sea his tasks will include data collection , and analysis of Great White sharks plus other members of the shark family. In addition Donovan will work alongside a team of divers who will guide him through the depths to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

“I am super excited to be given this opportunity not only is this something I’ve been wanting to do since I was younger but it is also incredibly important to myself that I can finally learn what it takes to be a field researcher working alongside large misunderstood predators in the shark capital of the world. This will be both beneficial for myself and Blue Planet Aquarium, where I can use this experience to enhance our visitors experiences whit the sharks. It also fits well having gained my degree at Bangor university.
I would also like to thank Blue Planet aquarium & The White Shark diving company for helping to make this happen.”
Follow Donovan’s progress on Blue Planet Aquarium’s Facebook pages, where you can share his amazing experiences over the eight fabulous weeks.

Our staff member will go to dive with white sharks in South Africa sponsored by Blue PlanetOur staff member Donovan Lewis