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Blue Planet Aquarium on HP Reveal!


A new interactive trail has been launched for our Super Sharks Easter Explorer event. Download the app with these instructions below, and explore a whole new world of sharks from all over the world. See out the interpretation boards around the aquarium and bring them to life with the aid of your APP.

Join in the fun and learn even more at Blue Planet Aquarium by using the free ‘HP Reveal’ App

What to do:

Search for HP Reveal on your phone or tablet app store

Download the FREE app to your mobile phone or tablet here:

Sign up with your email address

(Don’t worry, they won’t send you loads of spam!)

Search for ‘blueplanetaquarium’

Tap on the Blue Planet Aquarium logo and press follow

You’re ready to go!

Head in to the Exhibition and when you see the

HP Reveal logo, scan the picture with your phone or tablet

with the dots on your screen and watch what happens!

If you need help, please ask a member of staff!