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Coral Reefs are Endangered- Call to Save Them!


Coral reefs are critical to humans, and they contribute their quota to the ecological balance of mother earth. Consequently, the coral reef is one of the many things human must work together to save. Why save coral reefs? What are these ecological benefits that they contribute to earth? This write-up will provide answers to these and several other questions about the coral reef.

Coral Reefs, home for many species

The coral reef is home to many aquatic species. It provides a home to many species of fishes too. Ecological experts record that up to a million different species of aquatic lives are housed by the coral reef. Not saving the coral reef will translate automatically to the death of these species of aquatic lives, and some of them are rare or endangered.

Source of income

The coral reef, aside from protecting different species of aquatic lives, is also involved in providing a source of income to many. In fact, billions of dollars worth of employment are being generated by the coral reef, and these employment opportunities are spread across more than 100 countries around the world.

Food for all

Aside from the benefits of the coral reef mentioned above, it also serves as a source of food for many people; those residing on small islands are the ones benefiting most from this. It may look lifeless and listless, but the coral reef benefits humans better than the governments in some countries.

Coral Reefs, natural protection

The coral reef is natural, and it seems to have its fingers deep in many human project pies. It is the home of many species of aquatic lives; it generates income for many; it helps some humans to put food on the table, and it also provides protection to both humans and aquatic lives.

Coastal cities benefit a great deal from the protective function of coral reef. Thanks to the natural barrier formed by the coral reef, beaches can remain as the sites of relaxation they are today, and coastal communities can remain standing without being washed away into the wide, deep ocean.


Yes, the coral reef is medicinal. Many of the global diseases that have defied other methods of treatments have been handled perfectly using the coral reef and its extracts. It has a history of curing many dangerous diseases and illnesses.

Now that you have read the long epistle above, do you still need further instruction on why save coral reefs? I doubt that. The coral reef is the best friend man can ever have.

Coral Reefs are Endangered Coral Reefs are very important to ecological balance

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