Planning Your Visit to Blue Planet Aquarium

Whats On


Daily Shows, Talks and Feeds

Aquatheatre presentations featuring divers and a fish feed take place daily in our spectacular Aquatheatre viewing window.  Our usual weekday schedule for these is 11.30, 1.30 and 3.30 with additional shows added on weekend days. This awesome display will tell you more about the animals in our Ocean Display and what it takes to be a Diver!

Each show lasts approx. 25 minutes. Note shows are subject to change ask for daily details on arrival. All presentation times are displayed on a screen situated in our foyer.

Learn More – Daily Feeds operate on the following schedule –

Otters! – Every day outside by our Asian Short Clawed Otter Exhibit at 2pm

Mondays – Frogs

Tuesdays – Coral Cave

Wednesdays – Piranha

Thursdays – Caiman

Fridays – Flooded Forest

Saturdays – Electric Eel

Sundays – Piranha