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Disabled Diving

Disabled Diving

Diving for People with Disabilities


At Blue Planet Aquarium we also provide diving options for divers with disabilities. Both non divers and qualified divers may dive with us.

These dives are arranged on an individual basis Рif you are interested in learning more please contact our bookings team on 0151 357 8804 and they will arrange for one of our instructors to contact you to discuss your needs and make appropriate plans for your dive.

As with all dives at Blue Planet Aquarium medical and general terms and conditions apply.

All dives will be conducted by our PADI and DDI trained instructors and full instruction will be given.

Disabled dives are available midweek from 4pm – 7pm onwards with occasional weekend availability.


‘From the first phone call your customer service was great. We were met and treated with care, compassion and dignity from start to finish. Words can not convey our gratitude towards Julie, Adele, Matt and all the dive staff. We understand how hard it is leading a blind person and the care needed but they all helped Karl prove that blindness is but a barrier that can be overcome’

Mr Denning July 2013